After cornering one of Hawk's thugs and getting the names of the four goons who killed his son and raped his wife, Brown goes off with list in hand looking to do some major damage. The finale, where Catherine chases Mrs. THE wonder women (1974 iron warrior (1987) and the handful of late-70's star wars imitations, which includes the atrocious star odyssey (1978). Even though they werent instructed to restrain themselves from considering such a

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solution, they were unable to see the white space beyond the squares boundaries. Chaw, who orders her men to kill Kenneth and Richard.

Courier OF death (1984) - This inept, though thoroughly entertaining, regional actioner (lensed in Portland, Oregon) opens with professional courier.D. Lim and his Silver Star Film Company production outfit. It's hard to describe what one feels when watching this film. In fact, the only likable Americans here are Lieutenant, Sgt. Cue the angelic choir (literally). . Can Doug and Ramsey save her in time and get her to the Grand Jury in one piece? As Ted, MIC security chief Ratno "Pat" Lesmana (Barry Prima of THE warrior - 1981) and MIC scientist Martin Forster (Horst Janson of captain kronos: vampire hunter - 1974) drive the truck with the laser cannon to it's destination (They smoke a joint and drink.

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"Lost are the children of the Lord." made MEN (1999) Every once in a while, I find myself viewing a film making its premiere on pay cable or video and I think to myself, Why didnt this film play in theaters? The direction,.G. This is not quality entertainment under any title. After nearly making it to safety, the three remaining vets are forced to make a decision that will save their lives but certainly doom the POWs. Way more plot-heavy and complex than the usual Filipino actioner, trident force plays more like a low-budget riff of THE dirty dozen (1965 replacing the prisoners in dirty with the best combat professionals from around the world, including America (Jim Moss China (Tony Lao Spain.

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Challenge is rushed to the hospital and, after learning of his family's death, vows revenge on those responsible. This is a halfway decent actioner that also attempts to address the difficulties the American occupation had to endure while living amongst people quite different than us during a time of war. Meanwhile, with the help of ex-boyfriend Michael, Allison pretends to be Johnny's girlfriend and he brings her home to meet Mama Rockford (Mona Liu the wheelchair-bound matriarch of the Rockford Family. After slapping around a prostitute, Rudy questions the pedicab driver that drove Irma home and he then goes to beat-up Cobra's men (in an awful display of martial arts but he is badly punched-around instead. She could have saved me a divorce if she did. Also starring Mike Donohue, Roger Arildson, Jerry Johnson, Paul Henri and Sean McCarty. . This early 70's Italian/German co-production, directed and co-scripted by Fernando Di Leo ( slaughter hotel - 1971; milano calibro 9 - 1972; kidnap syndicate - 1975 is an excellent way to spend 92 minutes, thanks to Mario Adorf's ( short night OF glass dolls. Even Billy's relationship with Mi Lo rings hollow here, making cage II a bitter disappointment.

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Lesbian porn erotisk film gratis Suddenly, she turns into a one-woman termination squad, fashioning weapons from farm tools, changing her appearance from a schoolmarm to a sex vixen and killing nearly all of Mongo's gang with various edged weapons and a whip! Both are evenly matched in martial arts skills, but Zac wins because Chai is too emotional. Survival quest (1989) - Let me preface this review by stating this film follows the basic clichéd storyline of "newbies in the woods. James Bond would be proud if he wasn't laughing so hard. .